Horse Welfare in British Racing

Sandown Park Racecourse and The Jockey Club is committed to providing the best possible facilities for our equine participants.


Horseracing in Britain is among the world’s best regulated animal activities and responsibility for the care of our animals rests with everyone in the sport. Our common objective is for agreed, transparent, world-leading standards of equine care for the whole life of our horses; a commitment to innovate and make ongoing, measurable improvements based on clear evidence; with the full engagement of owners, trainers, jockeys and fans.


Find out more about British racing’s commitment to horse welfare here: 


A life after racing

On retiring from racing, some horses go for breeding, some continue to race abroad, some continue to have an active life in other equine competitions and some are retired to a life at grass. Most horses, however, prefer an active life.

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) is British Racing’s official charity. The aim of RoR is to raise funds to help support the charitable retraining and rehoming of former racehorses; and to promote their versatility for other equestrian disciplines; from dressage to hacking.

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